Thursday, October 25, 2007


I've been working on my L2Machinima project for the past few weeks now and its all beginning to fall into place. I'm hoping for a release date of November 1st, thanks to the help of the web development team.

What you can expect from the release:
  • 3 full video tutorials, 1 on how to create a private server for WoW, the others are TBA
  • Over 80 resource links, all categorized and easy to find; individually assessed and ranked with a five star rating on their usefulness
  • Cake
I'm worried though that people will find them generally boring and useless, or others will cry that I'm revealing all the "insider tips and tricks," but I guess only the future will show eh. Although I'll be focusing on WoW Machinima (cause with nearly 9 million subscribers, were can I go wrong?), I'm hoping to one day move into may other games and even into custom model editng and using our own platforms to create the ultimate machinima experience.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Widening the Blog

Yea, I was getting kinda sick of the blog being so friggen squished! So I made some small HTML changes and boom! Nice and easier on the eyes. So, for all of those who are interested:

Go to the Template Tab, and choose Edit HTML. Now, search on the bold items, and change the width value directly underneath it.
  • #outer-wrapper { - 1000
    • Changes the top and bottom header bars
  • #main-wrap1 { - 700
    • Changes the white of writing area
  • #sidebar-wrap { - 280
    • Changes the width of the side bar
  • .main .Blog { - 700
    • Changes the width of actual blog posts
Now for the tedious part. Look for every single link in there. It contains the picture for the nice curved edges. You'll need to change every single on of them. Just copy the URL, go to a new web browser page/tab, paste in the URL, and then save the image that appears. Make the edit to every image (change the width) and then upload them to something like imageshack. Copy the URL they give you and paste it over the URL in the template!
  • corners_side_
    • The side bar corners.
  • corners_cap_
    • The header and footer corners.
  • corners_main_
    • The main post area corners.
  • rails_main.gif
    • The bars that run down the sides of the main post area.
Now your done! Don't forget to save often, or you might loose all your hard work. Please note that this is based on my template (OC), so your might be slightly different. Experiment!

Monday, October 22, 2007

What's in a Logo?

A lot of work, thats for sure.

Oh, and trying to figure out what the hell you want:

Currently working on a Logo for my L2Machinima project. Its looking okay, trying to keep it simple and short (10 seconds), but interesting at the same time. Sticking to my green theme that I choose for the page. Still aiming for an October 31st / November 1st release with hopefully three tutorials: "How to Create a Private WoW Server", "After Effects for Dummies" and "Video Compression and You."

Looking forward to it.