Thursday, October 25, 2007


I've been working on my L2Machinima project for the past few weeks now and its all beginning to fall into place. I'm hoping for a release date of November 1st, thanks to the help of the web development team.

What you can expect from the release:
  • 3 full video tutorials, 1 on how to create a private server for WoW, the others are TBA
  • Over 80 resource links, all categorized and easy to find; individually assessed and ranked with a five star rating on their usefulness
  • Cake
I'm worried though that people will find them generally boring and useless, or others will cry that I'm revealing all the "insider tips and tricks," but I guess only the future will show eh. Although I'll be focusing on WoW Machinima (cause with nearly 9 million subscribers, were can I go wrong?), I'm hoping to one day move into may other games and even into custom model editng and using our own platforms to create the ultimate machinima experience.

Wish me luck!

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