Monday, November 26, 2007

L2Machinima Release Date: 1/12/2007

One full month after its intial release date, L2Machinima will be released on the first of Decemeber. Why the delay you ask? Well, I initially wanted to do something, but after many scrapped versions of videos, and load screens and voice recordings, I was trying to find a style that I liked and how I wanted to present to my users. So, overall, I underestimated the amount of work and time this would take to do. Hopefully once I have a few tutorials out, I will be able to focus on the Christmas machinima contest over at

Another reason for the 1/12 release date is that my Project Coordinator told me that he'd cut my funding if I didn't get it out soon. When I pointed out to him that I don't actually get any funding, he told me that he'd just send me nasty letters.

So here I am, commiting again to a date that I hope I can make.


Pinkhair 3d said...

We all miss you in #machinima!

Mark Gilbert said...

So did this ever get released?